Friendly Borders was founded in 2004. Our small but dynamic and dedicated staff works hard to promote human cultures and languages around our world.

Our organization was created with the sole purpose of empowering schools in poorer communities through the distribution of educational materials and sponsorship programs aimed at improving education for children in Latin America, Africa, and Asia.

Over the years, our focus has shifted and become more ambitious; today we strive to promote ancient and modern cultures and languages that are disappearing at an alarming rate in the face of modernization. We are most concerned about cultures that face extinction in the near future due to the assimilation of modern ways.

We treat all cultures and languages as unique and highlight as many as we can on our websites, which are devoted not only to the promotion of culture and language, but also to the education of people on the world’s diversity.

Undoubtedly, the ultimate goal of Friendly Borders is to introduce all of our website visitors to the plethora of peoples on this planet. We encourage them to learn more about various groups of people and find new ways to help promote cultures and languages.

Friendly Borders