Tolai People of Rabaul

  • February 23, 2021     Joy Marie Salgado

Port Moresby – Among the various destinations in Papua New Guinea, Rabaul has a unique charm, with its pristine natural beauty amidst multiple active and extinct volcanoes. It’s no wonder this region is a famous tourist attraction. More...
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Mossi Language and Culture

  • February 02, 2021     Friendly Borders Staff

Ouagadougou – The Mossi (also known as the Mosi or Moore people) live within the massive plateau of Burkina Faso. They are the major ethnolinguistic group that has flourished in the land for centuries. Nowadays, there are also significant...
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Drummers: Historians of the Dagomba People

  • January 26, 2021     Friendly Borders Staff

Accra – In modern-day Ghana, ten regions are home to various ethnic communities. One of them, the Dagomba, or Dagbamba, as they are sometimes called, live in the northern area. Their people once lived under the Dagbon kingdom, which is ...
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The Revival of the Language and Culture of the Ethnic Sa’idi People

  • January 19, 2021     Friendly Borders Staff

Cairo – The Sa’idi people are from Upper Egypt and are known to be culturally conservative. The people’s practices, traditions, and beliefs are different from the ones observed in the Northern region and the Egyptian capital, ...
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Rarámuri of Northern Mexico

  • January 05, 2021     Joy Marie Salgado

Mexico – Who exactly are the Rarámuri of Northern Mexico? They are an ethnic community that have kept their tradition and native language intact by moving from Chihuahua to the Sierra Madre Occidental. In many references, Tarahumara is ...
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Manchu Ethnic Community of China

  • December 22, 2020     Friendly Borders Staff

Beijing – The Manchu people of China have a long and colorful history spanning over 1,400 years. Their people have significant contributions to the country’s history, culture, and tradition. Their communities live across various ...
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More Than Just a Christmas Tradition

  • December 08, 2020     Friendly Borders Staff

Harrisburg, Pa. – In the 17th to 18th centuries, German and Swiss immigrants arrived in the United States. Here, they began building their communities. Most of the people and their families settled in the southeastern and south-central ...
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Tigrayan and Their Rich Value for Language

  • November 24, 2020     Friendly Borders Staff

Addis Ababa – Communication is an integral aspect of any ethnic community worldwide. Language creates and strengthens the bonds among a group of people, which helps in the preservation and cultivation of their cultural identity. This is ...
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Isle of Man and its Manx Language

  • November 03, 2020     Friendly Borders Staff

Douglas – Any visitor is sure to enjoy a delightful time in the Isle of Man, where basking sharks and Manx cats live. The island is a relatively small one, located in the Irish Sea, just off the northwest coast of England. Travelers visit...
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Irish Travellers: Family and Community

  • October 27, 2020     Joy Marie Salgado

Dublin – Identified as a close-knit community, the Irish Travellers (also known as Pavees or Mincieri) have endured centuries of living on the margins of mainstream Irish settlements and modern society. There are Travellers in Northern ...
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