The Makoa of Madagascar

  • February 12, 2018     Friendly Borders Staff

Antananarivo – In a large island off the southern coastal area of Africa live the Makoa ethnic group. They are descendants of the slaves traded through the ports of northern Mozambique. Because of their origin, they are considered to be ...
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The Ajam of Bahrain

  • January 31, 2018     Friendly Borders Staff

Manama – Can you imagine what it would be like to travel to a place called Two Seas? With the numerous beautiful landscapes from all over the world, there is a country literally named “two seas,” and that is Bahrain. Bahrain ...
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Han Chinese: A Majority that Lives in Diversity

  • January 10, 2018     Friendly Borders Staff

Beijing – Most people use the term “Chinese” to refer to the people of China, as well as cultural features related to the country. “Chinese” is used to describe the tasty delicacies and even the language, but who ...
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Basque People: Mystery Unfolded Through the Years

  • December 26, 2017     Joy Marie Salgado

Vitoria-Gasteiz – Walk down the romantic streets, witness the stunning sunsets, and soak in the architectural wonders of Spain. Whether through the eyes of a tourist or a local, the country’s history unfolds in every street corner ...
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Irish Potato Famine – the Start of the Irish American communities

  • December 06, 2017     Friendly Borders Staff

Boston – An exodus that led to a great population in the United States–this sums up the mass immigration of the people of Ireland in the 1840s. Countless Irish families moved to the cities of Boston, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, ...
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Sorbs – A Struggling Minority Then and Now

  • November 22, 2017     Friendly Borders Staff

Berlin – Germany has lands that stretch widely with beautiful landscapes and historical sites. Amidst the grandeur of these natural wonders, there is a community that many have yet to fully understand. They are called the Sorbs–the ...
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Code-switching within the Koorie: A Change Less Desired?

  • November 05, 2017     Joy Marie Salgado

Sydney – Australia is known as a land of opportunity. It is home to diverse ethnicities, but there is one distinct community that has survived hundreds of years: the Koorie/Koori. They are an ethnic group who live in the country alongside...
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Minorities in Turkey – The Hemshin

  • October 22, 2017     Friendly Borders Staff

Ankara – Turkey is home to colorful cultures and a long history of communities living in a distinct manner among the rest of the country’s inhabitants. One of these communities is the Hemshin or Hemshinli. They are said to be ethnic...
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Jews: Religion or Ethnicity?

  • October 09, 2017     Friendly Borders Staff

Jerusalem – Assimilation and intermarriage are factors in the changing features of a particular culture and tradition. These are modern practices affecting different ethnic communities around the globe, even a particular group that has ...
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Where Do the Komi of Russia Stand Now?

  • September 28, 2017     Joy Marie Salgado

Moscow – Minority groups in different countries experience different degrees of acceptance as well as stereotypes. These are two factors affecting a lot of members of indigenous communities. There are those living like the people of the ...
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