Turkish Ethnic Culture and Community

  • December 09, 2019     Friendly Borders Staff

Ankara – Aside from the modern and fast-developing city of Istanbul, the capital city of Ankara offers a majestic ...
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Sumbawa People Beyond the Island

  • November 11, 2019     Joy Marie Salgado

Jakarta – Are you planning on traveling to Indonesia? There are a lot of popular attractions to visit, but why not ...
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Russian Diaspora: A Global Community

  • October 22, 2019     Friendly Borders Staff

Moscow – How often do you see Russian communities in another country? Nowadays, Russians living outside of their ...
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An artifact, whether a Hopi urn, a Maori carving, or an Edo period woodblock print is a tangible representation of the culture which produced it. Languages, both living and intangible by nature, are even more fragile, and therefore more precious cultural artifacts. It is in the same custodial spirit that we seek to showcase and promote individual languages and the very cultures from which they sprang, without regard with political considerations that often attend questions of ethnicity.

Friendly Borders strives to promote ancient and modern cultures and languages around the world. Our small but dynamic and dedicated staff is particularly concerned about cultures that are being threatened by the inroads of modernization and could disappear  in the near future due to assimilation.

Founded in 2004, Friendly Borders has set a number of ambitious goals itself, with the aim of protecting world cultures and languages from extinction.

World Ethnic Groups
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