Friendly Borders funds projects that are devoted to promote human culture and language. Essentially, we encourage our readers to treat our websites as coffee-table e-books that can serve as sources of information and inspire the pursuit of further studies on the content or related materials.

One of the main objectives is to expose readers to the cultural diversity found all over the planet by introducing a collection of both existing and vanished ethnic groups, ethnolinguistic groups, languages, and immigrant groups in various countries.

Project – Ethnic Groups of the Philippines

The Ethnic Groups of the Philippines website provides a profile of facts, figures, and intelligent trivia on Filipino culture, and information on festivals held throughout the country to immerse the visitor in true Filipino life. The numerous photographs, maps, essays, and articles are an armchair tourist’s guide that brings to life the great diversity of peoples and cultures in the Philippines.

Project – World Ethnic Groups

Friendly Borders is eager to launch World Ethnic Groups as soon as possible. However, due to the meticulous work required to collect data on thousands of groups of people, it will take a couple of years before we can officially launch this project.

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